I become an Arsenal fan.

There are so many esoteric rules surrounding the choice of team. My brother says that ‘choice’ is the wrong way to look at it. I asked him if it was ok to support Arsenal, as I once lived in Holloway for a year. My brother said I’d already transgressed so many rules of football fandom, that there was no longer any point in asking him what was and wasn’t acceptable.

So Arsenal it is. This has the added benefits of:

  1. My (American) wife likes the sound of the name
  2. I know enough to understand that Arsenal are consistently at the top of the Premiership, so this is a good starting point if I’m hoping for glory – and who doesn’t want to back a winner?

I wonder when Arsenal are playing next. I’m looking forward to their first match – our first match – and decide to join the Aresnal fan forum as soon as I return home so I can start chatting with fellow fans.


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