Joined my first online fans’ community

I just signed up for my first Arsenal fan community. I googled “Arsenal FC community” and was instantly confused – although not surprised – to see there were many: Arsenal Times, Aresnal Mania, … Which one to join? In the end, my attention was caught by one called “Gunners 4 Life“. Their registration process was simple and easy to use and I was posting away within minutes.

Read my first ever fan post: “Yesterday’s result – is it really so bad?

Also, they have a poll on their site – “Should we concentrate on CL and forget about PL?” Again, I was quite chuffed that I actuall knew CL stood for Champions League (which I believe is like the Premiership, but including all European clubs) and PL is for Premier League. I voted “no” because I don’t believe you should ever give up on anything. Why not concentrate on both?

I was comforted to find out that my beliefs are in line with 78% of the other voters. It made me feel as if I have a natural understanding of Arsenal’s CL/PL predicament.


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