Liverpool 3 – Blackburn 1

Gah! I only went and missed the match. I thought yesterday was Saturday and several times during the day thought to myself, Looking forward to the footy tomorrow”. But I got a surprise though when I spoke to my Dad last night:

“Your team won today.”


“Liverpool, 3-1”

“What? What  – oh, it’s Sunday! Shit.”

So unfortunately I can’t bring you my usual insightful match commentary. However, I did read this over at the BBC:

“but their achievements on the pitch this season are in danger of being overshadowed by the ongoing boardroom wrangling at Anfield.”

What wrangling? Whatever it is, I’m sure they can work it out over a nice cup of tea or coffee. Come on lads, don’t be bickering.


One Response to “Liverpool 3 – Blackburn 1”

  1. Mark Says:

    You missed the match because you were leading a protest against our pig-dog Yank owners right? Right?

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