I like football and I’d say that I know the rules if not 100%, then probably 94 or 95%. But I have no idea how to be a fan. Those rules are dense, complex, contradictory and rarely expressed. So I thought it was time someone navigated this particular social minefield.

Starting with Arsenal, I’m going to support whichever team wins. Hopefully, my team will win the league. I’m a bit late for the FA Cup, but I’ll certainly support the winning team in the final. And as for the Championship, I’m quite excited about the possibility of ending up supporting a foreign team. This doesn’t seem all that different to supporting a Permier league team however, since most of the players are from overseas anyway.

Fairweather Footy Fan could be seen as a sociological experiment in the nature of herd and tribe instincts amongst football fans. But it’s not, it’s mainly at attempt to annoy my brother.

Feedback welcome: mr.fairweather at gmail com


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