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Liverpool 3 – Blackburn 1

14 April 2008

Gah! I only went and missed the match. I thought yesterday was Saturday and several times during the day thought to myself, Looking forward to the footy tomorrow”. But I got a surprise though when I spoke to my Dad last night:

“Your team won today.”


“Liverpool, 3-1”

“What? What  – oh, it’s Sunday! Shit.”

So unfortunately I can’t bring you my usual insightful match commentary. However, I did read this over at the BBC:

“but their achievements on the pitch this season are in danger of being overshadowed by the ongoing boardroom wrangling at Anfield.”

What wrangling? Whatever it is, I’m sure they can work it out over a nice cup of tea or coffee. Come on lads, don’t be bickering.


Can’t wait until Sunday’s match

11 April 2008

We’re playing Blackburn Rovers on Sunday and we’re going to thrash them. I have half a mind to go over there and tell them.

Hang on …

(5 minutes later)

… Yeh, that told ’em.

Liverpool Songs

9 April 2008

I’ve joined the Red and White Kop Liverpool FC fan site and have been perusing the extensive catalogue of Liverpool FC terrace chants and songs. There’s a really impressive back catalogue there.

So far, my favourites are:

Doo Dah

It’s ten past nine and stabbing time,
Doo Dah Doo Dah….


Anny Road End

We’re all mad, we’re all round the bend,
We are the Anny road end,
We’re not fucking Kopite Gobshites,
We’re going down the Road end for the big fight, Na na na …..

I’m going to try and learn them off-by-heart to sing at our next match.

I’m now a Liverpool fan

9 April 2008

After Arsenal’s loss last night, I have little choice but to support Liverpool. They looked the better side to be honest and I’ve even see Liverpool at Anfield once, so maybe I have a more of a legitimate claim to be a Liverpool supporter anyway.

I announced my emotional departure as an Arsenal fan on BBC’s 606 sports forums. Here’s my post: “Can’t Believe What Happened Last Night

To the future, then. And as long as Liverpool keep winning, they have my undying loyalty.