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Arsenal 2 – Liverpool 4

8 April 2008

After all the worrying about where to watch the game, it was on ITV. So I watched this one from the comfort of my own lounge. Problem is, I was feeling pretty sleepy; it had been a long day.

But the kick-off was very exciting.

“Come on the reds!” , I yelled at the TV – and then realised Arsenal were in white. Good job I wasn’t in a crowded pub.

It was looking good for Arsenal. We got an early corner and appeared to have more of the possession. Then suddenly DIaby scored just 13 minutes in. Go, my team! OK!

After that, it was pretty action-packed. There was lots of running around. But Liverpool levelled – and then pulled ahead with another goal.

Two more people almost scored for us, but I forget their names. I’m not sure how, but I drifted off around this point. My wife woke me. There was cheering on the TV.

‘Did you score?’, she asked

‘Umm. Yes, yes we scored. Woo!’

Just 8 minutes to go and we equalised! My celebrations were hardly begun when Liverpool got given a penalty, which they scored. 3-2. Then Liverpool scored another in the last minute, the sneaky scousers.

So, farewell Arsenal. It was good while it lasted and you put up a good fight, but I’m following Liverpool now.

On the upside, I made 4 quid off my bet earlier. Get in!